I love capturing the little slices of culture, landscapes and people that I encountered on my adventure, showcasing the vibrancy and magic of the world around us and the beautiful light.

My experience has taught me all about human connection which has always fascinated me, specifically the unique interplay of love and its many expressions. Love of your partner, your friends, your family. Each type is distinctly beautiful and moving in its own way.


I was drawn to wedding photography because these momentous, emotive and explosively celebratory occasions are when you get to witness the full spectrum of this transformative emotion.

For me, shooting destination weddings and elopements combines the intrepid spirit of travel photography with the unbridled power of human connection, a union that continues to inspire me each and every day. As an international wedding photographer, I feel most alive when I’m shooting a beautiful couple, gracefully styled in an amazing setting. Although it may be miles off the beaten path, it’s where I feel most at home.

You're probably wondering "You're a Scottish photographer with a French name, right?"

Belle Lumiere is named after my little girl 'Belle' and Lumiere means light. The south of France is somewhere I have spent a lot of time in and love so it felt right to name my business after two things I love the most. My little girl and light as every photographer relies on beautiful light for perfect images.